Saturday, 23 July 2016

And the INTO is not far behind the Minister in "Not having clue!"

So now we have a second year of free preschool. Just like a magic wand - it was waved and it was done. And we all jump up and down and say "Isn't this wonderful" ....... Well I'm not so sure. A second preschool year of what? - no curriculum, no regulation, some total madness - I know of one preschool that has a performance of "The Lake Isle of Inishfree" in choral speaking by 3 year olds for parents who think that it is wonderful. All of this preschool provision seems to be absolutely wonderful.

And the INTO has not even copped on to the fact that the enrolment in every primary school will be down this year. And we may all lose teachers. But who cares - 3 year olds will be learning poetry they do not understand while trained teachers will opt to go to Dubai, or Melbourne or Birmingham .... because well trained Irish teachers can always get jobs overseas. It's not like we need them here....

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